Monday, March 23, 2009

chargin' along!...

A real life angel paid us a visit last week: 6th Grade Ecker Hill student, Maddie Carpenter. Maddie’s younger brother beat cancer at the age of 4... and when she learned of Rogan’s illness she took it upon herself to lend a huge hand.

Through selling her delicous rice crispie treats, Maddie was able to raise a ton of money and donated it directly to the Go Rogan Foundation to assist with her medical bills. The Carpenter family also gifted Case & I a much needed night out at any Bill White restaurant!... we can’t find a sitter soon enough! Maddie put her sewing skills to the test and crafted Rogan a gorgeous blanket. Rogan said it was “snuggy snuggy“. Maddie also gave Rogan a super cute Elmo hug-me doll, complete with heart t-shirt and an Elmo cell phone. She's not showing it the photo... but she was exstatic! When the Carpenter's left, all Rogan kept saying was, "eh my en o?"... ("where'd my friend go?")


Rogan has been feeling great and we are so thankful. She acts like her perfect self, naps from 1 - 3 each day and sleeps through the night... in her own crib! It is a dream. She is still on a steady chemo regiment and her white counts are still very low (at 600... normal healthy human is at approx 5,000). She picked up a bit of a cold the other day and was running a little hot. Her fever never spiked above 100 and we were spared the trip down to Primary’s.

We are on a solid routine and looking forward to October of 2010!... Rogan’s scheduled treatment completion date. Upon completion we she will undergo surgery to have her central line removed.... can’t wait for a life with out nightly flush n’ fills and 2 dressing changes a week! (saline & heparin recycling:)


Once off chemo completely, Rogan will still need to get to clinic once a month... then once every 3 months to keep tabs on her blood counts. They will keep a close eye for the rest of her life... a small price to pay for her well being.

She’s so grown up now... talking up a storm and making all the “big girl” transitions. Her hair is starting to grow back and it is amazing.

“Princess party time” with cousin Shea:


A+ photography via! A great man, indeed.




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