Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So, we got the speciation & sure eneough.... a bug that loves plastic. So Rogan finished the antibiotics and we had the central line surgically removed.

"Pre-Opp Chemo Warrior Princess":


Before & after:


Post opp was brutal... long day, just not feeling the best.
PRO: she can bath & swim!
CON: periferhal IV's... for the IV chemo, every 30 days. I was present for # 2, of 5... and I'll count that as one of the hardest days yet. IV team tried twice in one hand... then Case & I "re-staffed" & they found a healthy vein in the other hand... 1st go. Shaun. The man. He had a shirt on that said "No Vein... No Problem." I wanted to man-hug him & buy him a beer... but I just cried & shook his hand instead. Hero.

IV chemo... then straight to the park, bruised hands & all:


Life is good... THX for the support. Go Rogan.

Clifford The Big Red Dog:


Shaka at Hogle Zoo. (save your money & go to Africa... that place is horrifying.)


Main Street Trolley:


With a Main Street friend @ The Chocolate Factory:

ice cream

Rogan's very 1st day of school... well, un-officially... it's 1/2 day camp for 4 days at the co-op school. (Is it really this hard to see your kids grow up?)


Here's what happens to Coco if she doesn't get a hot n' fresh, organic, whole wheat, buttermilk pancake w/ butter, syrup & strawberry jam within 9 minutes of waking up in the morning:


Parental FYI: When friends & family nickname your kid things like; "Captain Destructo" and "Whitesnake"... you are in trouble.

She's pulling it together though... w/ her new found motor skills & use of words... & makes up for every ounce of gnarliness w/ her cute laugh & occasional affectionate snuggle.