Thursday, March 18, 2010



ALL GOOD! So sorry for the lack of posts... been so busy livin'. Things are well for us and Rogan. She made it through the winter without any major sickness... just a couple of small scale colds.

Since my last post Rogan turned 3 & started skiing. She loves to tell stories... she's obsessed with the neighbor's cat & loves to talk about how she's going to let it inside & feed it milk & let it lick your face. Hmmm... no thanks.

Rogan is scheduled to finish treatment in October... and at that point; will get her central line removed. We plan to take our 1st vacation in over 3 years. Our plan is to get to Maui, Hawaii for a king size celebration of life... the 1st 2 weeks of November. This is being made possible by the incredible organization, The Make A Wish Foundation... and our wonderful "Wish Givers" Deb Hartley & Temple Smith. We couldn't be more excited. Rogan is excited to "swim wiff da fishies & find a turtle"... and if she sees a shark she'll "swim weeeel fast." Please stay tuned for the dates and come if you can. Thank you so much for following Go Rogan and for all the support... not sure how any family gets through something like this without the network of friends & family that we have.

I've got great photos & footage to share... so please check back next week... I'll have some live by this weekend.

(Photo by Brian Craighill. Congrats to him and his lovely wife Jessica, on their first born; Renton Paul. Love.)