Friday, September 18, 2009


.. so... I'm not gonna lie to you... this post has been egregiously delayed due to the fact that it makes me wanna cry like a little baby. Really.


Close family friends of mine from Annapolis, MD. Brothers Danny and Jerry Ricciotti and cousin, Joe Ricciotti. DUDES ARE GNARLY. Enough said.

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...hard to express our gratitude for what they are doing. They are making their way through Southern Utah soon and we are hoping to track them down and say thank you in person.

So epic.... nuff respect.

So....Rogan is doing great right now... avoiding the trips to Primary's by keeping her away from sickies. She's older now and seems to have a better understanding of how un-fun it is to be there... plus it's now out of her routine, she's only there once or twice a month nowadays. So, when we pull up, it's a heartbreaker to hear her say "Noooooooo.... I wanna go home!"

She picked up a minor virus last week.... but didn't need to spend the night... only need to come in for an antibiotic and the ever harsh mucous test (to rule out any upper respitory illness). Symptoms were pretty odd though and gave Daddy a minor heart attack. But all ended well and we don't even need to go into that.

Other than that... she is fit as an Ox... digging life and feeling well. Overall, the course that she is in has been easy. We have fallen into a nice little routine, crushed chemo pills daily (sometimes twice to three times), flush and fill the Broviac line each night (central line... or "Tooboos" to Rogan.).... then clinic once a month for the IV chemo... and a spinal tap each quarter. We still have our moments... still over a year to go... painful dressing changes once a week... and everyone is dying to travel and swim.... but, it is all over ridden by the fact that she is ruling.

Here is the latest and greatest:

Private mini-ramp session... with Coco right behind her:


She didn't learn this from me:


Painting T's and select art pieces w/ Shea on Coco's 1st birthday. Ross, the pink bear made another appearance and stoked the girls. They love it... but I'm beginning to think it's a little weird.





Also made it to the resort on Coco's 1st. I got smoked in rock climbing by my wife.... but then Rogan and I got the victory in the Alpine Slide.


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Thanks for following Go Rogan.... stay tuned for the Ride For Rogan update!