Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Sincere apologies for the lack of posts. Selfishly, for me, this blog has been a fantastic emotional outlet since diagnosis… but for some strange reason, after Rogan graduated from treatment, it felt really good NOT to write. To live without Cancer in our life… entirely.

"Normal"… disease free living. Ahhhh….

On September 30th 2010, Rogan received her final IV Chemo & Lumbar puncture.



The crew on hand of docs & nurses surprised her with a graduation goodie bag:


30 days later was her final oral chemo. It was evening time & Casey was at the store. I set up shop; mush with bananas, milk, water & and the daily dose / array of chemo pills… approximately 5 or 6. Split emotions: joyous relief VS disgust. I don't even like to take Advil. I took a picture of the pills, cried, gave them to Rogan, explained to her what this meant & took a few pictures & videos of her:

The Make-A-Wish Foundation helped us get to Maui to celebrate Rogan's life. Friends & family made the trip as well & we pulled off the vacation of a lifetime. Thank you.


Rogan turned 4 yesterday. She is amazing. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by family & friends that supported us through this… and celebrate every day. RESPECT.

Last Summer, our good friend Jerry Ricciotti, along with his brother Danny & cousin Joe; road bicycles across the nation to raise awareness for Rogan's fight and to raise funds to assist us with her medical bills. Forever grateful.

Jerry came to visit us last week... delivered Elmo & Cookie Monster kits for the gals and thankfully shot some priceless photos & video. What a hero.




Wednesday, August 18, 2010


2nd week for Maui is booked! If you are thinking about joining us… this is where we are staying 11/7 - 11/14. Puamana, Lahaina. On the water…kid-friendly beach... and still close to town. Should be a blast.

… and 11/1 - 11/7 we are staying at the Hyatt. "Crawford" reservation. CLICK HERE!

… took Rogan on a date last week. It was pretty special to have her all to ourselves. Steven came too. Steven is one of Rogan's children. Steven is a female Koala bear who occasionally bites people. Rogan told us at dinner that Steven listened to her Mom yesterday and didn't bite… so she got a "listening star" for her "star chart". Oh.


Rogan likes Banksy:


Wednesday, August 4, 2010


... about to make our goal for the Make-A-Wish fundraiser! Stoked. Thank you ALL for the contributions.

Clinic tomorrow for her check up & IV chemo... getting close to the finish line.




Monday, August 2, 2010


Today is the exact, 2 year anniversary of Rogan's diagnosis. We are thrilled to celebrate her health today... praise thanks to the many doctors & nurses along the way... and scream THANK YOU to all of our friends & family who have helped us get through this.

Last week we received an unbelievable donation towards Rogan's medical fund from UGG Australia. THANK YOU, love & respect to our family there; DARCEY BRINKERHOFF, CONNIE RISHWAIN & LEAH LARSON and everyone involved... we all cried and breathed sighs of relief when we got word.

Today we celebrate... takin' the day off & headed to the lake... then bar b & make a cake for our little chemo princess warrior. Thursday we head to clinic for her check up and IV chemo.

Rogan is lovin' Summer & not having to deal w/ a Broviac line.

Nature hike. Provo River Falls, Uinta Mountains.

nature hike

Basin rec splash park:


We made it down to Hatch, UT & spent a relaxing few days with Grandma Bonnie. Her Grandpa Roger was missed... but his spirit was strongly felt and we all had a blast.



Thanks to Nana Noo Noo, Aunt Chris & Paul Clark for also hosting us at Bear Lake. The water was warm and the girls loved it. Rogan is learning to swim and is obsessed with the water.




Warming up in the hot sand:


Coco ate sand... it made her happy, so she sang about it:

coco sand

Mom & Dad carved out some together time & re-charged the batteries:


Thanks again for reading and supporting Go Rogan.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

MAKE-A-WISH Utah. Thank you.

Endless thanks to the Utah Chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for sending our family to Maui to honor Rogan's wish. With all that we have going on.. and with the continued costs of Rogan's cancer treatment... this trip was definitely NOT in the budget. We are forever grateful... and it will exactly what our family needs.

The Foundation will handle the big expense of getting there + 1 week of accommodations... and a few awesome activity's that Rogan will flip out on... submarine ride, glass bottom boat tour, etc. She's already obsessed w/ water and has little to no fear. Need to book swim lessons pronto!

Please read further about what this incredible organization is doing for families across the state.

I've set up a page for their latest fundraiser to make donations in Rogan's name. Please donate if you are so compelled. Thank you.



Donate ducky's in Rogan's name!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Please come to Maui if you can... to celebrate GO ROGAN. We are staying at the Lahaina Hyatt from Nov 1 - 14. Below is our flight info... if you'd like to travel with us.

Screen shot 2010-07-12 at 3.32.59 PM

Here are the girls, training for Maui. The water looks inviting... but it's not. It's take-your-breath-away ice-melt. We can't wait.

Note Rogan's over-sized, inflatable Seal... named "Cupcake-cha".



Big day last Thursday w/ Rogan's 2nd to last LP (lumbar puncture)! Logistically; it was seamless... emotionally; it just doesn't get easier... ever. We had requested Sean... the vein ninja, to set the IV... & he got it 1st go. Stoked. I still cried though & was to rattled to be able to thank him profusely w/ words. Sean, if you are reading this; THANK YOU. You are a hero... and we can only hope to get you for the remaining IV's.

Rogan's blood counts are right where the docs want them right now. Her ANC (bacteria & virus fighting cells) are low... but luckily it's Summer time and there aren't too many bugs circulating.

Peripheral IV chemo:


Waiting room for her LP... setting an IV in her doll:


Post opp recovery time... sleeping off the anesthesia.