Friday, July 24, 2009


... with cousin Shea.  Naughty or nice?



Great times at Rogan's new secret spot at Mr. Bill's.  Each time we need to leave this place it's been a class 9 melt down.  She's in love with the water... can't wait to swim next winter.



.... paddle for the kayak:



I'm pretty positive that this is NOT U.S. Coast Guard OR wife approved:



Lulu... the smallest dog in North America:

Had a blast at the Rex's house for a proper bar b.  Rogan was psyched on the Slip N' Slide... I went through 2 AquaGuard's, but managed to keep her dry.  So fun.


... so, the exact 1 year Anniversary of Rogan's diagnosis and initial chemo treatment is coming up, next Sunday, 8-2-09!... not sure of the agenda yet, but the "1st Annual Chemo Warrior Princess Celebration of Life" is fully ON.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for the support.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

For Rogan, Forever Ago

Rogan is ruling right now.  She started another round of chemo on Thursday... so she got her IV chemo and started the steroid for 5 days.  We celebrated by taking her to her very 1st concert!... Jenny Lewis w/ Bon Iver.  It was a well planned, tactical strike... we avoided sickies, danced and played in the fountain... (standard Salt Lake protocol).  We were able to secure a nice little corner spot and could still see the faces of the musicians.  Here we are... having fun and doing the Bear technique.... RAAAAAAARRRRR!


5 meter fountain sprints... training for future Olympics.

Rogan is waaaay into the Park right now.  Without a lot of bugs going around... we've been letting her have at... and she loves it.  She's surprisingly socially adept... given the past months of relative seclusion.  It's amazing to see her interact and lead other kids around her.  She has Casey's personality, without a doubt.  Her fitness level is A+... and nearly brings me to tears when I reflect on it.  Her legs are at 100 % and she's got the cutest bounce in her step all of the sudden.  She's come a long way from not being able to walk, a year ago.  This stokes me:



We made it to the Lake for the 1st time on Sunday.  It's frustrating to not be able to fully submerge and really swim... (Maui, Thanksgiving 2010, be there)... but the ever trusty AquaGuard let her get to waste level and have fun.  She loved it:


Our friend Ross acquired a full-scale pink Bear suit off E-bay.  He put it on and paid Rogan a visit.  She freaked.  She yelled and said "Mama ook!  Mama ook!  A beer!  I love him!  I wan touch him!"  She ran to him and hugged and kissed him.  I was devastated that I didn't capture it on film... and even more devastated that I didn't have my camera when things got wierd and random strangers came over to hug the bear.  Thanks Ross.

Rogan saw a belly dancer on Main Street and they got down.  She has my Dad's moves already fo sho.


Here's Captain Destructo at her best.  I think this is her 3rd or 4th piece.... she got through the good stuff and went straight into the rind.  Yikes.  This kid's intake is OFF the charts.... hard to believe that we hatched her and that she wasn't raised by wolves and left at our doorstep... she's nearly as tall as Rogan already, has the voice of a Velociraptor and a vice-like grip.  Look out world.


Thanks for following... we are on the last day of the roid for this round... so she's getting testy and her mouth hurts a bit.  But overall she is well and beating it.  L I V E S T R O N G.