Monday, July 12, 2010


Big day last Thursday w/ Rogan's 2nd to last LP (lumbar puncture)! Logistically; it was seamless... emotionally; it just doesn't get easier... ever. We had requested Sean... the vein ninja, to set the IV... & he got it 1st go. Stoked. I still cried though & was to rattled to be able to thank him profusely w/ words. Sean, if you are reading this; THANK YOU. You are a hero... and we can only hope to get you for the remaining IV's.

Rogan's blood counts are right where the docs want them right now. Her ANC (bacteria & virus fighting cells) are low... but luckily it's Summer time and there aren't too many bugs circulating.

Peripheral IV chemo:


Waiting room for her LP... setting an IV in her doll:


Post opp recovery time... sleeping off the anesthesia.


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Beth said...

Rogan is amazing!!! And beautiful!!! It must be so fun to be able to fix fun, cute, hair-do's after all this time. She looks so cute in these pictures. Love you guys.