Sunday, November 30, 2008


Rogan graduated from INTERIM MAINTENANCE this past Tuesday, 11/25! We had a home nurse draw a CBC (Complete Blood Count) on Monday. Again, we were expecting her white blood count to be too low to support the next dose of chemo... but they came back just high enough once again!... and she was granted clearance for Tuesday's chemo infusion. That was the last clinic visit for this course of chemo... and she starts DELAYED INTENSIFICATION on 12/11.  She will receive a back poke to test and treat the spinal fluid... receive IV chemo and get prescriptions for the pills to take at home... not sure what the "chemo cocktail" will be exactly... we are still taking things 1 week at a time. It will be similar to her 1st month of INDUCTION and will definitely include the steroid. It is an 8 week cycle.

It will be rough as... but we are ready. The different courses of treatment are coordinated to kill the Cancer at all stages of growth. Example: the steroid in INDUCTION and DELAYED INTENSIFICATION; DEXAMETHASONE kills the young, quick multiplying cells. (Hair cells are quick-multiplying... that's why it falls out.) METHOTREXATE, that she has received this course, via IV, kills the older, more mature cells. There are no cells growing in her marrow, or traceable in her peripheral blood or spinal fluid... but they continue the treatments to make sure they are not missing 1 or 2 cells hiding out somewhere and maintain the 90% cure rate... meaning we complete the 2.5 year treatment, she receives a clean bill of health, and it never shows up again.

Rogan made her very first piece of art at clinic on Tuesday. A collage of glue and feathers. She was focused.


Then she got wild and pulled them all out at once and made a mess.


Thank you to Primary Children's Hospital and the wonders of modern medicine. It is wild to look back to August... Rogan had so much cancer in her bones that it had crowded out the marrow to the point that it was prohibiting blood cell production and causing enough pain that she couldn't even walk. 

... a few months later and she can dance! One of Rogan's first loves: dancing to snowboard movies.

Yes, those are pants over her footed jammies... [I dressed her that morning.]

... and yes, I will be trying out as a puppeteer on Sesame Street next year. Whatch your back Kevin Clash!

Picture 7


ishybeanie said...

what a strong girl, that is exciting that you get to move on to the next step, even though it will still be rough. I love that she is not even paying attention to you dancing the cookie monster.

Currie said...

We're giving thanks to Rogan's great progress. Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. The Wooten gang were all here in Naptown and wish you all well!!

SUZAN said...

I Love your art work Rogan! You look beautiful!!!
Auntie Suzan

Darcy said...

I love dancing to MGMT in my p.j.'s too!!! Go Rogan! Much love and well wishes always, Darcy

cappiw said...

We are so happy to see that rogan is progressing! We have had you in our constant thoughts and prayers and even have had Jim and David(now 7&5) raising money for her. They sold gently used toys last week and have been collecting change and some of their allowance to help!! A check is on the way!! We love you all, Cappi, Peter, Jim and David Wilborn

Amy said...

Hi Casey - I don't know if you remember me, but it's Amy Brown (now Bledsoe). I lived in the house on Lambourne Ave in the winter of '94-95. I remember some good times with you - you were always so full of smiles. Susan pointed me to your blog, and I just wanted to wish you guys well & let you know I'll be sending good vibes your way & keeping you in my thoughts. You have a beautiful family!!

Laura said...

It makes me so happy seeing Rogan dance like that. You are all so strong and so lucky to have each other. I miss and love you guys so much. You and always in my thoughts and prayers!

Beth A said... are a star. keep dancing, smiling and being strong.
All my best to all of you.
Hugs and Kisses

Brigg said...

Keep the updates coming. I still check this everyday!

Thinking of you guys,

courtney cook said...

excited to hear her progress...she is looking so happy and healthy and i am sure having amazing parents has a lot to do with that!...also sounds like she is like her auntie tam tam with her love for dancing...i hope all is well and i wish you all good healthy and happiness through the holidays season...take care...xoxo courtccook