Thursday, February 5, 2009


We're doing the blood count dance at the Crawford house!  Rogan's counts are bouncing back up and we got through DELAYED INTENSIFICATION only needing 1 transfusion of RED BLOOD, last Thursday.  Transfusions were to be expected, and standard operating procedure... but still plenty creepy and a full day affair.  We feel fortunate to have only needed 1 during this aggressive course.  Her PLATELETS dropped as well... she showed some advanced bruising... but never needed to be transfused.  (see the charts on the top right... for the blood count roller coaster).

Nothin' like some O Positive to kick things up a notch:


Even with low RED BLOOD, Rogan has plenty of energy... and it's all hands on deck trying to keep her contained during a 2.5 hour transfusion. She ate brocolli and spagetti... dance to Shark Tales... got a visit from the clinic Poodle (she was more scared than excited) and played with this ball ramp device with Coco... all while getting juiced up through her central line.



Rogan is obsessed with drawing right now. Drawing circles... waiting for blood:


Rogan actually enjoys visits from our home nurse Audrey!...  even blood draws! (on table) I think the "Elmo Visits the Doctor" movie has helped more than we had realized.


She even made it through her last dressing change without a tear... then said thank you Dada (tootoo Dada).

So psyched to have this crap out of our house. This chemo that she's been receiving the past few weeks comes complete with elbow length thick rubber gloves, full hazmat suit... and the below bio-hazard disposal container.
... but it's getting pumped directly into Rogan's blood stream?



ishybeanie said...

It amazes me how much Rogan looks like Casey. What a cutie.

Beth said...

Good to see the smile on that beautiful face. I'm so glad that the really nasty chemicals are gone. That had to be really scary for all of you. You guys are such tough troopers. Love ya!

suzana said...

I've been offline for a few days and am excited to see a new post! I just want to say I love you and am sending good vibes (I got my positive attitude back Casey!) It makes me so happy to see Rogan's smiling face! I can't wait to give her a sqeeze again. Miss and love you all!


Dianne Young Erwin said...

She looks so happy and content in those photos - all smiling. She is so loved! So happy to see the smile is back....

Amy said...

I agree with Kim, she does look a lot like you Casey! How cute! I can't believe how brave she is! What a trooper! I'm glad all is going as well as it can at this moment.

barbchuck said...

I love the picture of Rogan smiling at Audrey! It is just amazing that you and Corey have been been able to consistently have your home be a happy, loving place for your girls, even with all the equipment, tubes, and paraphernlia. Love transcends all!