Friday, April 23, 2010


Rogan is at Primary Children's w/ Case right now... battling a bacterial infection. She woke yesterday feeling fine... then spiked a fever at about 10 AM. She went to the ER immediately for her blood draw & a blanket antibiotic. She slept a bit and felt better... crushed a sizable ice cream cone and was released. She felt great when she arrived... but got sick again at approx 4 PM.... but after that felt great again. She slept well through the night and woke today thirsty and hungry for pancakes.

We got the call at 9 AM that something popped up her blood culture from yesterday.... alarming that it showed so quickly... meaning it was growing quick... or that there was already high volume of the bug. It is a dangerous one... so... back down to the hospital immediately.

... chances are that the bacteria entered her system through her central line... but we are ultra diligent about its cleanliness and maintenance... so, that is frustrating. Not sure how or why... but like her disease.. there's no sense in even thinking about that... only focusing on beating it and the positive outcome.

Docs say that the strain of bacteria she has is rare and dangerous... but her blood counts are high and she's been fighting it with the antibiotics, within an hour of it showing symptoms yesterday AM. They are confident they can beat it quick... with the focused antibiotic... and her counts being high. The antibiotic kills the bacteria and creates a surplus of toxins.. which will make her sick. They flush them out with meds that help facilitate that evacuation & a steady intake of fluids. That said, she'll be admitted for the next 24 hours. I'll pay the girls a visit this afternoon... to deliver a healthy dinner and keep Rogan stoked.

Thanks for the positive vibrations... they help more than you'll ever know. Stay tuned for the update.

A bird's eye of her very first set of pig tails:



Beth said...

Hugs and kisses to all of you. Get well soon, Rogan.
Love, Grandma Beth

ishybeanie said...

get well soon Rogan, be strong.

Brooke Eriksen said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I am just sick about this! She is one amazing little fighter. We will pray our hardest for her and your family!

laura n. said...

get well soon sweet Rogan! you'll all be in my thoughts and prayers....xoxo

Katlyn Schroeder said...

Go Rogan! We are all with you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers!

Tres said...

Love and strength for Rogan!