Sunday, April 25, 2010

bacteria_log #3

At 4 AM today they told Case that Saturday's blood culture showed as negative... also got closer to figuring out what what the bug is: "gram negative baccilli non-lactose fermenting". Yum. If this next culture reads negative she will hopefully be released tomorrow. She is still feeling great... literally bouncing off the walls in there.

... still don't know the exact speciation of the bacteria, but the antibiotics are working. They will continue the antibiotics for at least 14 more days to make sure it is 100% killed... & after that, will continue to take blood draws & culture them to see if the bacteria pops up again. So, the bug has either been wiped out, or there is a chance that it could be "clingy"... "hiding out" by adhering to her line... and not sloughing off when they draw the blood for the cultures. At that point we strongly consider removing the line and dealing with the peripherals pokes until October. Very much hoping for the former...

Here are some shots from my visit yesterday... able to go for a long wagon ride w/ Mom & even snuck out side... took her pants off and ran in the grass.

I am back to work today... Casey came home to see Coco and her Mom is with Rogan at the hospital. Rogan affectionately calls her "Nana Noo Noo"... and she is a certified baby whisperer... so, I'm sure Rogan is fine.

... feel very lucky & fortunate to have her on the mend and coming home soon. Grateful for the early detection and that the antibiotics and her own cells knocked it back so effectively.

The ICS unit at Primary's is a tough place to be, for any amount of time and there are plenty of kids who aren't as lucky or who have worse diagnosis'. Massive respect to all the docs & nurses... and love to all the other kids and their families.







Brooke Eriksen said...

I am so glad things are looking up! You have an amazing positive view. Thank you for sharing. We are praying for Rogan and the gang.

And really those pictures could not be cuter!

suzan said...

Thanks for the updates. I've been thinking of you all constantly. I love your photos! What a beautiful family. I hope to hear you are all home soon.
Much Luv!

ishybeanie said...

glad things are looking up!!!!

Weston said...

You guys are so strong - I'm always so impressed. Keep up the good work and we'll keep thinking about you. Remember I live real close to the hospital if you ever need a place to rest for the afternoon outside the hospital.