Saturday, April 24, 2010

bacteria_log #2

Friday's 10 AM blood culture showed as positive at 4 AM today... so the bug is still present, as of yesterday AM. Rogan will be hospitalized until Monday, at the latest. The bug is of the gram negative family. She continues to get the cocktail of antibiotics & plenty of fluids.

Aside from extreme boredom, wanting her Dada, wanting her Cokes & to come home... she feels good. Below are pics from last night.

My take is that the bug is clinging to her line... contaminating each draw. My guess is if there were any sizable volume of the bacteria in her bloodstream:
A. she'd be sick
B. she'd be sick from the antibiotics killing the bacteria.
Docs said that as a foreign object, bugs can have a tendency to stick to the line. If this is the case... the bug will obviously show in every blood draw. We hope to get a speciation today... and at that point they'll focus an antibiotic on that species. They may be able to fill the line w/ that focused antibiotic... or we may opt to have the line removed. There is no way to find out where the bug is for certain... so it would be a gamble. If we elect to do this Rogan will need to get poked for an IV 5 more times... for her forthcoming treatment. Tough as nails.

They are also running tests on a bladder infection... her potty patterns are perfectly normal... so this is doubtful.

Loving that she's not feeling sick... hating that the docs can't knock this out and she could come home. Loving my hero of a wife... hating cancer.

A negative blood culture... or a speciation... please. Go Rogan.





suzan said...

I'm thinking of you! Sending lots of love and good vibes. GO ROGAN!!! please let me know if there is anything I can do. xoxo

Katlyn said...

Keep us posted! We are awaiting positive results!